Welcome to the Online Permitting Services (OPS) Submittal page! This is the place to find all of the necessary information needed to complete a pre-application for a development permit or entitlement online. This page will continue to be updated as we get closer to the March 5, 2018 release date, so please check back frequently for more information.

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In order to complete a pre-application for a permit or entitlement online, you must first register for an account through the City's Online Permitting Services (OPS) Portal. For help with creating an account, click on the video to the left.

Process Diagram
Process Diagram
Process Diagram of Public Workflow
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Step 1: Create a Pre-Application for a Permit

Choose to create a pre-application for either Building/Fire, Engineering, or Planning and accept legal terms.

Watch Video on How to Create a Pre-Application

Step 2: Input Project Details

Define your scope of work, property information, contacts, and project description.

Watch Video on How to Input Project Details

Step 3: Upload Electronic Documents and Submit

Upload Electronic Documents. See the Submittal Requirements document for more information.

Watch Video on How to Upload Electronic Documents

Review application, accept legal terms, and record your pre-application number for future reference. If you forgot to record your pre-application number for reference, watch the video below to find it.

Watch Video on How to Find Your Pre-Application Number

Step 4: Pay Initial Fees, Respond to Requests for Information or Resubmit Pre-Application

City staff will verify your pre-application meets submittal guidelines and notify you through email of initial fees due and if more information is required. Please reply promptly to any email received.

Watch Video on How to Pay Initial Fees

Watch Video on How to Respond if a Resubmittal is Required

If no additional information is required, you will receive an email from OPS@roseville.ca.us with the balance of fees due after the plan review has been completed.

Please add this email address (OPS@roseville.ca.us) to your email contacts to avoid these emails getting stuck in your spam folder.

Step 5: Pay Remaining Fees Due

Log in to the OPS Portal and pay the total amount of fees due.

Watch Video on How to Pay Remaining Fees Due

Step 6: Download Approved Plans/Permit

After fees are paid, City staff will approve and stamp/release plans for downloading or printing.

Watch Video on How to Pull Up permit

Watch Video on How to Download approved plans and permits