Press Releases
Date Description
1/28/2015: Help catch a robber
1/15/2015: Roseville Police arrest carjacking suspect
1/14/2015: Roseville Crime Stoppers offering reward to help solve recent bank robbery
1/6/2015: Roseville Police arrest woman suspected of burglarizing numerous senior citizens' apartments
1/6/2015: Douglas Boulevard bank robbed
1/5/2015: Kelly Named Interim Fire Chief
12/16/2014: Roseville detectives investigate sales of "date-rape" drug in Sacramento region
11/13/2014: Roseville Police Department Receives Grant for Special Traffic Enforcement and Crash Prevention
10/31/2014: Roseville Police continuing investigation of burglary, car theft and attempted assault on an officer
10/28/2014: Help identify a hit-and-run driver
10/15/2014: Roseville Police detectives investigate large-scale marijuana shipping operation
10/14/2014: Roseville Police arrest local woman suspected of smuggling drugs into prison
9/29/2014: Suspected drug dealer arrested; over a pound of meth & $40,000 in cash seized
9/25/2014: Roseville Fire & Police investigation leads to arrest of arson suspect
9/25/2014: Roseville Police & Roseville Fire investigation leads to arrest of arson suspect
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