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Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency

Background -
The end of Redevelopment in California

In June of 2011, responding to a declared state fiscal emergency, the State Legislature enacted two measures intended to stabilize school funding by reducing or eliminating the diversion of property tax revenues (tax increment) from school districts that were going to the state‘s community redevelopment agencies. Assembly Bill 1X 26 (ABX1 26) barred redevelopment agencies from engaging in new business and provided for their windup and dissolution. Assembly Bill 1X 27 (ABX1 27) offered an alternative: redevelopment agencies could continue to operate if the cities and counties that created them agree to make payments into funds benefiting the state‘s schools and special districts.
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Successor Agency Actions & Documents

Date  Action   Item
04/06/2016     Approval - Reso 16-105 2006 Tax Allocation Bonds - Refunding
02/17/2016     Approval - Reso 16-56 FY2014-15 Annual Report - Housing Asset Fund
01/07/2015        Approval - Reso 15-10 FY2013-14 Annual Report - Housing Asset Fund
07/11/2014  Approval Reso 12-43 Letter from Department of Finance Approving Issuance of 2014 Refunding Bonds
06/20/2014 Approval Reso 12-42 Letter from Department of Finance - Initiate Refunding of 2002 TABs
05/12/2014       Long Range Property Management Plan (LRPMP) LRPMP-Letter of Approval from Department of Finance 
08/28/2013     Finding of Completion    FOC Received from DOF
03/07/2013 DDR - OFA DDR - All Other Funds and Accounts Report
11/01/2012 DDR - Low Mod    DDR Low Mod Report  
 04/18/2012 SCO Asset Transfer Assessment Form Asset Transfer Assessment Form
02/22/2012 Housing Successor
Agency Election
Staff Report and Reso No. 12-42
Successor Agency Election
Staff Report and Reso No. 12-1

Link to ROPS Documents Page
Link to Former Redevelopment
Agency Reports

Other Agency Websites:
Legislative Analyst's Office - Report on Unwinding Redevelopment FY2012-13
Link to RDA Dissolution FAQs (Los Angeles County)
California Department of
Finance - Redevelopment Dissolution

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Placer County Auditor/Controller
(530) 889-4160
State Controller's Office - Local


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