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Regional leaders and residents alike have long expressed a desire for a comprehensive college or university in South Placer County providing a broad range of degree programs. One or more universities in the area would bring benefits such as more educational opportunities closer to home, economic and workforce development, increased cultural opportunities such as art and drama, and would help define the Roseville community. Higher education is a key element of the quality-of-life balance Roseville seeks as the community grows to a metropolitan stature.

Acting upon recommendations of the Higher Education Task Force in April 2012, the Roseville City Council formally declared expansion of higher education opportunities in Roseville and South Placer County a top City priority. In adopting the Task Force’s report, the City Council established a vision for Roseville and South Placer County to become the home for a cluster of higher education institutions offering a vibrant array of educational programs. The City is fully committed and mobilized to implement this vision through innovative partnerships, collaboration, and a sustained commitment to higher learning.

The City recognizes that establishment of one or more comprehensive universities in Roseville is a multi-decade effort. As a result, short-term and long-term strategies will be employed to achieve the vision of establishing Roseville / South Placer as a higher education cluster.

In the short-term, the City will focus on taking immediate steps to facilitate the creation, relocation, and/or expansion of higher education institutions into the area. This will involve direct marketing and outreach, creating a supportive regulatory environment, creating designated attraction teams with a single point of contact, and establishing a mechanism to accept charitable donations in support of higher education development.

To maintain long-term momentum, the City will seek regional partners to form a multi-sector coalition in a focused and sustained effort to support higher education growth in the area. This is based on a key finding by the Higher Education Task Force that development of a higher education cluster will require direct involvement by multiple stakeholders. This strategy also recognizes that higher education growth requires a long-term outlook and commitment by the community.


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