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Higher Education Task Force


The City of Roseville convened a Task Force in July 2011 to develop recommendations for expanding higher education opportunities in the community. The Council’s over-arching goal was to bring to Roseville the benefits of a greater number and diversity of higher education institutions, including increased access to higher education for Roseville residents, job creation and economic development, and increased cultural opportunities.

The Task Force met regularly from July 2011 to February 2012 to develop its findings and recommendations for consideration by the Roseville City Council. The Task Force’s report, Strategies for Creating Higher Education Opportunities in Roseville, includes a vision for the Roseville / South Placer area becoming a cluster for higher education facilities and identifies short and long-term action steps for achieving that vision. The Task Force developed the recommendations to be relevant to stakeholders from the region, including leaders from education, business and industry, philanthropic groups, economic development forums, and elected officials. A premise of the recommendations is that partnerships across sectors are essential to maximize success.

The report is also intended to provide information to higher education institutions seeking to relocate or expand their operations.  The document will serve as the basis from which to launch a concerted effort to expand higher education for the benefit of residents, industries, and the region as a whole.

The Task Force held its final meeting on February 8, 2012 to finalize the recommendations report.  On April 4, 2012, the City Council unanimously approved the report and directed city staff to begin immediate implementation of the recommendations. 

Questions regarding the Task Force process or the City's commitment to higher education may be directed to Mike Isom, Deputy City Manager, at (916) 774-5527 or via email at

Task Force Process & Representation

When authorizing the Task Force, the City Council directed that recruitment efforts invite representation from: City Council members, two and four-year colleges, Roseville’s high school district, the development community, residents, the financial community, Placer County, and key industry leaders dependent on a workforce with higher-level education. In June 2011, the City Council formally appointed the following individuals to the Task Force:

John Allard – Task Force Chair, Roseville City Councilmember
Dr. Tim Herman – Task Force Vice-Chair, Roseville City Councilmember
Dr. Paul Blezien – Senior Vice President, William Jessup University
William Duncan – President, Sierra Joint Community College District
Dr. Bernadette Halbrook – Professor & Director of Civic Affairs, California State University, Sacramento
Dr. Robert Waste – Assistant Director, Government & Community Relations, UC Davis Health System
Dr. Paul Frank – Political Science Professor, Sacramento City College
Scott Leslie – Trustee, Sierra Joint Community College District
Robert McCarthy – Educator & Administrator, Brandman University
Bonita Roznos – Campus Director, Brandman University
Tony Monetti – Superintendent, Roseville Joint Union High School District
Richard Roccucci – Electrical Engineer, Placer County Planning Commissioner, former Roseville City Councilmember
Kirk Uhler – Placer County Supervisor, District 4
Holly Tiche – President, Placer Ranch, Inc.
Julie Hanson – Development Consultant, JR Hanson Consulting, LLC.
E. Howard Rudd – Investment Manager, Trustee, Sierra Joint Community College District
Tina Treis – Certified Public Accountant, Perry-Smith LLP
Robert Dugan, Director of Government and Public Affairs, Granite Construction, Roseville Planning Commissioner

Meeting Schedule & Materials

Meeting #1
July 27, 2011 - 6 PM to 9PM - Roseville Civic Center, 311 Vernon Street, Meeting Rooms #1 and #2
Agenda - July 27, 2011
Background Information Packet
Introductory Presentation
Meeting #1 Summary

Meeting #2
August 24, 2011 - 6PM to 9PM - Martha Riley Library, 1501 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Meeting Rooms #1 and #2 
Agenda - August 24, 2011
Existing Higher Education Facilities in South Placer
List of Roseville Assets
Meeting #2 Summary
Memorandum from Jonathan Brown, AICCU President

Meeting #3
September 28, 2011 - 6PM to 9PM - Martha Riley Library, 1501 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Meeting Rooms #1 and #2 
Agenda - September 28, 2011
Preliminary Reference List
Preliminary Sites Matrix
Higher Education Task Force - Draft Report Outline
Meeting #3 Summary

Meeting #4
November 30, 2011 - 6:00PM to 9PM - William Jessup University (Edrington Conference Room), 333 Sunset Boulevard, Rocklin
Optional Campus tour beginning at 5:15PM
Agenda - November 30, 2011

Meeting #5
February 8, 2012 - 6PM - Civic Center, 311 Vernon Street, Meeting Rooms #1 and #2 
Agenda - February 8, 2012
Revised DRAFT Findings and Recommendations Report

April 4, 2012 - City Council Approval
Staff Report to Council
Council Resolution

City Staff
Mike Isom, AICP, Deputy City Manager  
(916) 774-5527

Rob Jensen, P.E., Assistant City Manager  
(916) 774-5334

Kelly Wickline, Management Assistant  
(916) 746-1350


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